The evolution of Hyundai: Houston Hyundai Ioniq

Hyundai is a well known car manufacturing company and was introduced back in the year 1986. The lineup of company has drastically changed since it was established. Now Hyundai falls under the category of big car companies. Let’s first get familiar with the company and later on we will discuss about the Houston Hyundai Ioniq.

Formation of Hyundai

In the year 1946 a Korean based multinational company of cars took birth. Chung Ju-yung a person belonging from a very normal family background founded the Hyundai motor industrial company. Later on he also launched another company of construction. But sticking to the motor company only, in its initial stage the Hyundai motors was involved in production of cars only with the basic use of components from Japan. The cars of Hyundai are now considered as a car which is one of the most attractive in looks and powerful in performance.

Hybrid cars

The hybrid car enables drivers to get an affordable, innovative as well as efficient option among cars. In order to be friendly with environment and availing a good vehicle as well the hybrid cars have become a practical option for the rational consumers. After Toyota’s success many companies have started manufacturing and launching their own hybrid cars. These cars consist of a feature of a not very huge fuel-efficient engine which is combined to an electronic motor. This motor provides assistance to the engine while acceleration. There are auto charging batteries which give power to the motor.

Innovations look for no boundaries but till now there are two kinds of gasoline hybrid cars which includes a series hybrid and parallel hybrid. The hybrid cars are considered to be well efficient due to small engines, regenerative braking system, periodically shutting down of engine, usage of light weight materials, and high technology aerodynamics along with LLR (low-rolling resistance) tires. 

Why go for hybrid cars?

The hybrid cars do have a lot of benefits but most important among those are-

  • Less harming to environment with a better mileage.
  • Is affordable with respect to fuel consumption.
  • There is a less emission which means that depending on fossil fuels is also reduced.
  • It is fuel efficient so have a quite good resale value as people are switching to the cars with this feature.

 Hyundai Ioniq

A hybrid car launched from Hyundai with the model which looks very similar to Elantra if a hatchback is added to it. There is a wheelbase of 106.3 inch and multilink rear suspension as well as a strut front. There is a major part of aluminum in the car’s body; it should be preferred over Elantra because of the healthy capacity of cargo. The major engineering accomplishments of the car include steady thrifting of combustion engine. There is a design of split circuit for modulating block and head temperatures separately. These hybrid cars are demonstrated in the auto expo events as well and the people living in Houston could have a look at Houston Hyundai Ioniq in the auto expo held over there.