The i-Stop Technology from Mazda

The i-stop technology refers to Idling Stop Smart Technology from Mazda that is made to save fuel by automatically switching off the engine whenever the car comes to a stop or halts for some time. According to the Sahara Blvd. Mazda dealer, i-Stop is a smart technology that can detect the Idle time of a vehicle, and gets the clue to stop the engine automatically. This shutting down of the engine takes place whenever the vehicle becomes static and it restarts just the moment the vehicle starts to move. The Idling stop system I specifically crafted to save fuel. The automatic shutting down of the engine leaves no scope for the fuel to get exhausted even for a moment. The system basically works on recognizing static and moving conditions of the vehicles.

What is i-Stop Technology

The i-stop technology from Mazda is aimed to bring about a substantially improved methodology towards fuel economy without making any compromise in the smoothness of driving. The control technologies are recently developed to achieve an instant engine restart without any operational step to be taken by the driver.

i-Stop on Gasoline Engines

Till now conventional idling used to stop the systems from relying on a starter motor while restarting the engine, but Mazda changed the method as i-stop helps restart the engine of the vehicle through combustion. It takes fuel directly into a cylinder when on the other side the engine is idle and then is ignited to generate a downward piston force. This results in a quieter and faster engine re-start in comparison to the other systems while making a significant difference in saving fuel.

How it Works

Mazda’s i-Stop ensures to restart the engine with combustion. Both the compression and the expansion stroke are stopped exactly at correct positions to create the perfect balance of air-volumes.  precise control over the piston positions during engine shutdown.

These methodologies ensure the system to restart the engine following the exact timing whenever there is a need to enhance the fuel economy. This even makes a smoother and more comfortable acceleration, making it easier for the driver to give a jerk-less restart. The restart takes nothing more than 0.35 seconds as per the internal measurement tool installed in the vehicle with an automatic transmission.

i-Stop on Clean Diesel Engines

Unlike the gasoline engines, in which a spark is used as a plug to ignite the air-fuel mixture, the clear diesel engines work by compressing the mixture till it combusts spontaneously. Hence to restart a diesel engine, there should be enough compression.

Earlier when the conventional diesel engine and the idling stop systems used to need two separate engine cycles to restart, the unique i-Stop technology from Mazda works on just one cycle. This is made possible with the invention of the precise control feature of the piston positions.

Concluding Factors

Today according to Car dealerships on Sahara Blvd. Mazda’s i-stop has achieved the record of being the world’s fastest diesel engine with a restart time of approximately 0.40 seconds.