What is Your Car Saying About You?

Your car is not just the asset you use to commute or travel but having a car says a lot about your personality as well. It tells the world who you truly are. Your car is responsible for shaping perceptions in the minds of people about you. So whenever you intend on purchasing a car make sure to factor in your personality. Does it send out the right vibes about you?

In this article we have covered some points that say the following about you.

1. Social status

This is the most obvious aspect which is portrayed as a result of purchasing a car. If your car is an expensive and an exotic one, the world will know that you belong to or have a rich background since you can afford such a high end car Japanese used cars auction online.

If you are white collar worker, it is possible you will settle for car which is good on fuel economy. Whereas if you are a CEO of a multinational, for instance, a luxury car is the way to go about it and settling for anything will not be appropriate by societal standards (although, you can).

2. Power

What type of car you own also signifies who will be ruling the roads. If you are in a Corolla and the other person is in Land Cruiser, the balance of power will be in the latter’s court. If for instance, you were to drive out first from a parking lot since you own a Land Cruiser it is automatically understood that it is you who will be leaving first.

The person sitting in Corolla or Toyota Vitz will have to wait for their turn to let themselves out. In the world of cars, usually Bayauc Japan Car Auction House has the upper hand for obvious reasons. Exhibition of power is the way how the world works, there is nothing unusual about it.

3. Luxury

Driving a luxurious car brings you a lot of comfort but if you observe closely there are others also who are watching you drive a luxurious car. It tells that you wouldn’t settle for nothing less than luxury in life. And since you have the means you want to spend it on the best set of car out there! So next time when you opt for a car remember to buy which appeals you the most luxury wise.

4. Technology

In this day and age, it is not uncommon to have technologically advanced cars at your disposal. The higher the elements of technology in your car the more it speaks about your tech savvy personality. Enhanced features in cars builds rapport in your surroundings.

The technologically laden car says that you seek ease in driving, you are a tech savvy person (as mentioned above) and that you want the best that technology has to offer in terms of navigation, radars, cameras and you name it.

In conclusion

Above list is only intended as a piece of information. Which car you prefer is totally your call.