Wiper Blades Reviews

When planning to replace your wiper blades, do not just walk in local auto parts store and pick any wipers available. You should do your own little research to understand the wipers that will be best for your car. You can get information on different types of wipers from your mechanic, experts at your favourite auto parts store or simply hit the internet for reviews on the same. There are limitless reviews on wiper blades in the internet and the content is very informative.

Reviews on different types of wipers

Several reviews in the internet are biased towards premium beam wipers as opposed to the traditional rubber ones. This is because to the numerous benefits that comes with the former. While traditional wipers have quite a number of exposed parts, the beam wipers only come with one part and this reduces the risk of being damaged and needing replacement.  Another advantage that the conventional wipers have over the traditional ones is that they have interminable pressure points. His ensures that the entire windshield is wiped hence giving the driver clear visibility. Traditional blades do not have this capability and that is why you will find that some spots are missed after wiping. Their curved sleek shape is also very essential especially on modern vehicles. Cars nowadays are normally built with a high curved windshield. Only beam blades can clean modern cars satisfactorily.

There is a third type of blade that also receives positive reviews and this is the coated blades. In these, the rubber squeegee is always coated. The material used for coating is usually graphite or sometimes Teflon. This coating is useful as it reduces steaking and therefore the windscreen remains crystal clear after wiping. Coating also makes the wipers more durable as the rubber is not exposed and thus reducing risk of being damaged.

Review on drivers choices when it comes to wipers

The superiority of premium beam wipers is crystal clear. Even with this clarity however traditional frame style rubber wipers are still more popular. Several reviews show that some people prefer traditional wipers because they can easily be found in any auto store across the world. They have existed for quite a long time since the 20th century and therefore many drivers have in a way gotten used to them.

Cost is also another major reason why some people prefer traditional wipers to conventional ones that are significantly highly priced. Most traditional wipers are easy to install and therefore whenever you need to replace them, you just walk to a store, purchase, install and you are on your way. They however wear out very quickly and if not replaced after six months you might start experiencing problems like steaking, wearing and splitting.

One important fact that majority of internet reviews underscores the need to put safety first while selecting wipers. Beam wipers may have high initial cost but they offer maximum assurance and after all, in the long run the customer saves a lot due to their durability. If however you cannot afford to raise fund to acquire these premium wipers, buy the traditional ones but be sure to replace them after six months.